2018 Dacia Duster

According to the latest reports, we will see a completely new, second-generation 2018 Dacia Duster somewhere in early next year. After the amazing success of the original model, many of us are very excited to see what the next generation of this small crossover will look like. Original model originally came in 2009, based on Logan’s platform. It instantly became very popular around the European market and in some other parts of the world as well. Thanks to the attractive price, good quality and modern look, this model is often the first choice of all those who search for an affordable crossover. The 2018 Duster will come completely new, but management claims that the second generation will keep all those great characteristics of the original, such as excellent balance between price and quality, attractive look, comfortable cabin etc.

2018 Dacia Duster redesign

2018 Dacia Duster front viewThe 2018 Dacia Duster is coming completely redesigned. The second generation of this small crossover will come with plenty of new things. First of all, it will ride on a completely new platform, which will utilize some modern technologies in order to provide better performances and overall driving experience. The new model will come with improvements in many aspects. Besides better driving characteristics, it will also come with a completely new styling. The base shape might remain similar to the original, but there will be plenty of new details. Besides the new look, we will also see a completely new cabin design. The new cabin will feature not only new technologies but also more space. Versions with three rows of seats will be optional. Despite all these improvements, company’s management claim that the new model will keep the affordable price.

2018 Dacia Duster rear view2018 Dacia Duster engines

When it comes to powertrain, 2018 Dacia Duster will come with Renault’s familiar engines. We will see both diesel- and gasoline-powered units in the offer. When it comes to petrol units, we will see a new 1.25-liter turbo engine in the offer, as well as a little bit older but very reliable 1.6-liter units, which will be available in LPG and ethanol variants too. A well-known and proven 1.5-liter turbodiesel engine will come with improvements both in power and economy. Some even claim an amazing average consumption of 45 mph in combined drive.

2018 Dacia Duster release date and price

We expect to see 2018 Dacia Duster early next year. When it comes to price, we doubt that the new model will cost much more than the original.

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