2018 Lexus TX

The 2018 Lexus TX is going to be a brand new 3-row crossover. A luxurious segment of this manufacturer is getting another addition with this vehicle. Although it is not so popular, Lexus is making some statements on the market. With RX SUV already very popular, extending the class will help TX reach many buyers very fast. Nevertheless, contours of its siblings are present on this vehicle. However, some unique parts are going to make it special. Also, it is longer and larger than other Lexus crossovers. So, we are getting another luxurious and stylish SUV with excellent performance.

2018 Lexus TX

2018 Lexus TX drivetrain

The most popular crossover from Lexus, the RX is using a 3.5-l V-6. It is certain that same engine is not going to be a source of power for bigger SUV. Reasons are numerous. First of all, 2018 Lexus TX is bigger and needs more energy. The three-row crossover will probably ask for the V-8 unit to go over 350 hp. Massive torque will follow big power numbers with 300 lb-ft. The Lexus will keep emissions on very low level, which is the main similarity with RX. Also, fuel economy on TX drops to 20 mpg combined.

2018 Lexus TX engine

2018 Lexus TX redesign

We already mentioned that the highlight of the design is the third row of seats inside the 2018 Lexus TX. Other features are coming from other models. So, inside, we will see the luxurious cabin. This means it is elegant, comfortable, modern, and functional. Rear seats will have screens as a part of the infotainment system. The TX is getting the premium audio system, probably Mark Levinson. Outside, some parts are borrowed, but it is impossible just to enlarge other model and pretend it is new. Parts are not fitting, so designers had to make unique bumpers and grille for this full-size SUV. Same is with lights on the both ends of the vehicle.

2018 Lexus TX interior

2018 Lexus TX price and release date

Since the 2018 Lexus TX is a new model, we must compare it to its siblings and competition. Being a luxurious vehicle means the price is not cheap. Premium materials cost a lot, and we can see it with RX. The TX is bigger, stronger, so its price is going to be higher. The expert thinks that $50,000 would be the perfect starting point in every meaning. It is probably the value for the entry-level model of the brand new SUV.

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