2018 Lincoln Aviator

One of the biggest surprises and the most wanted upcoming model is new 2018 Lincoln Aviator. With a precise choice of materials and decorations, and also performing features it remains to be one of the top class luxury vehicles. Lincoln is one of the prestige car brands which creates a new line and series of vehicles for worldwide clients. Although, Lincoln is American brand with long-term tradition, this type of SUVs is more than recognized in public. Also, there are more than 25000 users in Europe only, which is more than an accomplished goal for American designers. Having a Lincoln is more than class is more like unique culture.

2018 Lincoln Aviator

2018 Lincoln Aviator redesign

With new lines of design and special features within, new 2018 Lincoln Aviator is new refreshment and pleasure for sight. Comparing to earlier models which are also on the market, this SUV is going to be a little bit different. It will be a synonym for luxury. The exterior is of strong and flexible materials which can guarantee stamina and long-lasting exterior. The led lighting system is also present and offers a lot more programs including interior enlightening. Interior is very spacious and is very nicely equipped. With special Venetian leather and wooden decorations and rich dashboard, this series of SUVs are quite treasured. With specially redesigned infotainment system and navigation programs, there will be no fear of having something in reverse.

2018 Lincoln Aviator rear

2018 Lincoln Aviator engine

New line up for this model is very much similar to the predecessor. New series of Lincoln SUVs are going to have a special engine like 2018 Lincoln Aviator. With new twin-turbocharged 3.5liter with a 10-speed transmission. The engine will be capable to gain and produce more over 450 hp with no extra combined fuels. With the new system of electronic control of the turbocharged engine and dual fuel input, this engine will provide more than a ride.

2018 Lincoln Aviator interior

2018 Lincoln Aviator price

Upcoming arrivals are more like to have promotional prices, especially the base models with no further equipment. New 2018 Lincoln Aviator is going to be precise with its price. It is sure that first appearance on the market will surprise with price way under the $72,000. This is the value of full-size sibling Navigator.

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