2018 Mercedes GLK

Mercedes will go strong into next season. This is especially important for SUV class. Then, we will see new GLC and GLB models. Nevertheless, one of the most interesting models should be the 2018 Mercedes GLK. This SUV will get some updates, while the most optimistic fans hope for a redesign. We can’t exclude that. On the other hand, upgrades on the exterior are coming, while the interior will get major updates with modern features. All in all, the GLK is a crossover to watch. We still don’t have an exact release date, but we won’t wait for it for too long in 2018.

2018 Mercedes GLK

2018 Mercedes GLK redesign

One of the trademarks of German manufacturers is exterior styling. Bold and elegant, every model has unique parts. So it is with 2018 Mercedes GLK. This crossover will bring new grille and revisits of the rear end. The front fascia is also refreshed with headlights and bumper. Good thing for owners is the higher usage of the lightweight materials. Body parts are not heavy as before, curb weight is dropping, as well as fuel consumption. Interior is luxurious and elegant. All the best features will be inside the cabin. Mercedes is paying a lot of attention to safety and comfort, so seats for GLK are unique.

2018 Mercedes GLK dashboard

2018 Mercedes GLK performance

The 2018 Mercedes GLK will have only one drivetrain. It is a 2.0-l 4-cylinder drivetrain. This unit is not good to produce enough power for such vehicle. Because of that, we have a turbocharger, which raises output to 250 horsepower. Additionally, the mill is delivering 275 lb-ft of torque. The driving impression is not going to be questionable. The German manufacturer will offer different modes of driving. With new suspension, handling and maneuvering are much better than before. There is also ECO mode, which will reduce fuel consumption.

2018 Mercedes GLK rear

2018 Mercedes GLK price

Base models of the 2018 Mercedes GLK will cost around $30,000. Its additional equipment is not so expensive. So, top of the class models are not going to go over $35,000. Nevertheless, we can’t exclude new powertrain or trim levels, which could make changes more radical. This would further lead to significant updates on price.

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