2018 Skoda Snowman

Skoda produced the most popular vehicles in Eastern Europe. However, modern trends made this company spread around the world and go after new classes. Besides luxurious sedans, now it is popular in the crossover segment. With the addition of 2018 Skoda Snowman, they will have a complete lineup with Yeti and Polar already on the way. All these SUVs are going to share similar equipment and design solutions. On the other hands, different classes mean unique design for each. Also, differences in size will require larger engine displacements for bigger models.

2018 Skoda Snowman

2018 Skoda Snowman drivetrains

Comparing to predecessors, 2018 Skoda Snowman will suffer updates under the hood. There are two solutions for upcoming SUV. Base models will come with 2.0-l TSI drivetrain. This unit is capable to deliver 180 hp. Other possibility is a diesel with less power, but more torque. Finally, there is a word about 2.3-l petrol engine. This is a new thing, and according to rumors, Snowman could make 200 hp with it. Transmission is going to be either manual or automatic. Auto will have 6 gears, while the manual is a 5-pace.

2018 Skoda Snowman engine

2018 Skoda Snowman updates

The 2018 Skoda Snowman will bring the latest technology in the car industry. First of all, infotainment systems are growing rapidly. Skoda is not a leader in this segment, but many rivals can expect surprise with improvements new Snowman is bringing. Designers pay additional attention to safety features. Now, more than ever, the crossover is safer. On the other hand, there are some styling solutions which are there to make SUV more attractive. However, overall dimensions are the same, and Snowman is not saving too many pounds. It is again a 5-seater with enough room for travelers and cargo.

2018 Skoda Snowman dashboard

2018 Skoda Snowman price

The 2018 Skoda Snowman will cost probably over $30,000. Major updates are making this vehicle so expensive. Nevertheless, it is not far away from other rivals, especially since it uses VW technology. Similar vehicles from other companies are more expensive. However, we are still waiting for official details and information. We believe as we are getting closer to release date, we will know more.

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