2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser

According to some reports, the Japanese car maker will launch the second generation of its off-road performance SUV after few years of the brake, as 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser. This model originally came in 2006. The company came with a very interesting idea of making a retro-styli, highly capable SUV, which will be designed primarily for an off-road drive. After four years of development, it came with very interesting and attractive appearance and with excellent off-road performances above all. In most of the countries, it was available on the market between 2006 and 2014, while a Middle East model was available until last year. After few years of the break, we will see the second-generation model, according to some reports. It should arrive next year.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser redesign

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser front view

As we already mentioned, there are some reports that suggest that this attractive mid-size SUV could come completely redesigned. However, we still don’t have any official information. So, you should take all these details with big reserve. According to those reports, the 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser will come completely new. It will feature new platform and one of the main characteristics will be a massive use of lightweight materials. This will provide a significant improvement in terms of performances. In terms of styling, the 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser should continue in the same manner as the original. It will continue with the recognizable retro look and we probably won’t see some radical changes. The base shape will probably remain the same, but we should see plenty of new unique details. We expect same thing inside, where 2018 FJ Cruiser should continue with its recognizable minimalistic design.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser interior

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser engine

When it comes to powertrain, the original features a large and capable 4.0-liter V6 unit, which has a max output around 260 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. When it is about the second generation, it would be natural to see some newer unit. However, if we consider that this SUV is designed primarily for an off-road drive and unpleasant situations, the large and thirsty 4.0-liter could easily carry over. In that case, we will probably see the same transmission choice, which means a 6-speed manual for AWD and 5-speed automatic for RWD models.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser rear view

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser release date

The arrival of this new model is still under a big question mark. However, there are some reports that suggest next year for a possible launch of 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

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