2019 Buick small electric SUV

After the successful first year in production, Chevy Bolt EV will be used as the base for future GM electric vehicles. This subcompact crossover will borrow its system to 2019 Buick small electric SUV. This company plans to step into this class during next year. However, development of this model is not so easy. Also, it requires a lot of funds. However, both Buick and Chevrolet are ready for such adventure. The result should be the new SUV that uses only electric power. The first edition will be some kind of a copy of its sibling. However, Buick will make a good base for further, independent development.

2019 Buick small electric SUV

2019 Buick small electric SUV concept

During Auto show in Shanghai, GM presented a new concept of an electric vehicle. From sketches, we cannot claim is it a Chevy or a Buick. The car has shapes for both companies. Experts believe this is going to be a base for the 2019 Buick small electric SUV because Chevrolet is already on the market with its Bolt. There is no badge to unveil the secret, so we must wait for official confirmation. Nevertheless, leaked sources are confirming that Buick is working on the EV crossover. So, this concept, or some other platform, the SUV is coming.

2019 Buick small electric SUV interior

2019 Buick small electric SUV specs

As it is hard to guess which car we saw, it is even harder to predict the drivetrain. If the 2019 Buick small electric SUV is based on the Chevy Bolt, then its range will definitely go over 300 miles. This model is part of the global GM’s plan to produce 20 all-electric vehicles in next five years. Whatsoever, the small electric SUV from Buick will be among the firsts. Also, many solutions will be under consideration for the drivetrain. So, until the release date, we can only wait for official information.

2019 Buick small electric SUV grille

2019 Buick small electric SUV launch date and price

The 2019 Buick small electric SUV will cost cheaper than its Chevy Bolt sibling. That means the EV will carry the price tag of around $35,000. But, more data will be available later in 2018. In the second half of this year, fans will see the premiere of this car.

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