2019 Ford Flex

Since Flex is a choice of family men, Ford upgraded this already secure crossover. Previous versions got the highest ratings on crash tests. Now, the 2019 Ford Flex has the even more modern technology. Many warning features will be part of the standard offer. Besides that, engineers will tune the drivetrain for better outputs. Also, revisit of trim levels could bring us limited editions or special vehicles. Whatsoever, the price and the mileage will remain the same. Spacious 7-seat SUV will take a position in the full-size segment. New Flex will have old rivals, at first place Honda Pilot.

2019 Ford Flex concept

2019 Ford Flex interior

Interior changes will introduce an upgraded version of button car ignition. Furthermore, MyFord Touch system offers a bigger touchscreen, with platforms for both Android and Apple smartphones. From the display, the driver will be able to control the whole electronics system. There are no major design changes to the look of the interior with the exception of steering wheel and speed. The layout is the same as before, as well as volume for cargo. Ford will probably install some extra features to make a ride more comfortable and cozier.

2019 Ford Flex interior

2019 Ford Flex engine

More power and more efficiency are moto of the 2019 Ford Flex. To begin, we will mention the standard 3.5-l V-6 engine. This unit will be able to offer 262 hp in base trims, and up to 285 hp in higher versions. Torque will also go up to 255 lb-ft. These changes will help 2019 Ford Flex improve fuel economy. Now, with front-wheel drive, the crossover will deliver 21 mpg combined. The AWD returns slightly worse mileage. For those who want more power in the offer will be an EcoBoost drivetrain. With it, the crossover provides 355 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission is a standard and the only option on all models.

2019 Ford Flex engine

2019 Ford Flex price

The new 2019 Ford Flex will cost from $32,000. This is the price for an entry-level crossover. The limited model will go over $40,000 in its base version. Packed with extra features and packages, it can go up to $50k. The new Flex will come in summer of 2018, while the first models will be available for purchase at the end of the year.

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