2019 Honda Element

Honda is returning Element, the compact crossover famous for its boxy look. This is one of the vehicles affected by economic crisis. The Japanese company decided to discontinue it in 2011 because of poor selling records. However, the SUV is coming back after a pause. New 2019 Honda Element will be different than its predecessor. Time is changing very fast and the old crossover wouldn’t be compatible with the market. It is even possible for 2019 Element to get only a hybrid drivetrain. This would be a great ad for the return since many buyers will be interested in the electrified vehicle.

2019 Honda Element front

2019 Honda Element redesign

The 2019 Honda Element will retain its boxy look. However, it will get a modernization. The SUV will be slightly larger, but it will take a position in the compact class. Inside, Element will borrow technologies from its bigger brothers. Pilot and CR-V are definitely going to help it return with style. Whatsoever, we never had doubts in Honda. The latest infotainment and safety systems are part of the crossover. It is likely that Element will come with the suicide doors, at least according to concept photos. However, these could appear on some trim levels, while the entry-level models can come with the standard entrance.

2019 Honda Element side

2019 Honda Element engine

Under the hood of the 2019 Honda Element will probably be a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder drivetrain. This i-VTEC unit is returning 160 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque. Its main advantage is fuel economy. We believe that 2019 Element will have better fuel economy than the Honda HR-V, currently the smallest SUV from the Japanese company. A 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission is going to transfer power to front wheels. It is still unknown what options will Element offer. That includes the all-wheel drive.

2019 Honda Element rear

2019 Honda Element release date

The concept is ready, and now we have to wait for 2019 Honda Element production. It is not going to happen before the premiere. Fans should see it late in 2018, and the SUV will be available for purchase early in 2019. Price should be very close to its compact sibling, Honda HR-V.  Element will even cost below $20,000.

29 Responses to 2019 Honda Element

  1. Melissa de Lagarde says:

    I am a proud owner of a 2011 Honda Element, I live in the US Virgin Islands and unfortunately my Honda Element was severely damaged by Hurricane Irma and Maria. I have been holding out on buying any other vehicle. I have been looking for another Element to purchase I’ve Driven from Alaska to Florida with my daughter’s Element to seek health care. We have slept in the element during our road trip as well. By the way we do have a 2008 Element also in Florida. Anyway I am awaiting the release of the New Honda 2019 Element as my 2011 Honda Element was damaged by the elements of two major Cat 5 Hurricanes in 2017. I really miss my Honda Element and would love to have another. Please send me all future updates on your new 2019 Honda Element I will wait for it. Thanks

  2. Donna Goodwin says:

    Please Honda make sure it’s available in the All-wheel drive!!!

  3. Dolores Poulos says:

    I love my Honda Element. It’s a 2006 Kiwi Green and is perfect. I’m anxiously awaiting and happy to hear that the element is coming back. I’ll be on the list for a new one and give my 2006 to my son. He’s been itching to get his hands on it. Thank you Honda for listening to us.

    • Janet F Treadway says:

      I also have the 206 Kiwi green. We bought it new in 2006. I love it. Best car I ever had. It is my little truck. So easy to get in and out. Hope this car will continue to serve me well.

  4. Ron Blessing says:

    Please bring it back! I’ve missed my 2011 Element every day since I traded it for a Jeep Renegade. If Honda doesn’t bring back this wonderful car, I’m hoping Toyota will make the FT-4X and that will fill the empty place in my heart. Also, if you bring it back maybe my wife will forgive me for getting rid of our Element.

  5. Queen says:

    I hope they bring it back asap it makes a good mail carrier car and hopefully won’t be a dash in the front so it will be like a truck/sucks something totally different from all others.

  6. Rob Hackett says:

    I have my 2007 and love it. Everyone I know loves their “E”! I’ve always said no car beats it’s functionality and reliability! When Honda rolls this out, I am buying it!

  7. O.St-Denis says:

    I how a 2004 E and I would love to buy a new one ….but please, DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING!!!!!

  8. Harry Russell says:

    I had an Element for 4 years and Traded it…It was the Perfect Car for mydogs and I..Oh, also my Wife. I RUE THE DAY I TRADED IT IN. I bought a 2017 Outback Subaru which also is Perfect for all of us…However, I will return to the Element in a Heartbeat…I too will need AWD and if in fact The Element does become available in 2019 or 2020, I’m going to a Honda Dealership to purchase one. I’ll be 70 in December and am looking Forward to The Element as Being My Last Vehicle, I plan on living well into my 80’s. Please make this happen. Harry Russell, San Jose, Ca.

  9. Eli Venna says:

    Please, please offer it with manual transmission and no all- wheel drive to avoid having to replace all tires when one goes bad.

  10. Sandra Z says:

    I too miss my 2011 Honda Element. I usually upgrade every 2 – 3 yrs. I upgrade to the CR-V and hated it. I ended up going back to a RAV4. I can’t wait to get my hands on a 2019 Honda Element. I have learned my lesson and will be so happy once it returns!

  11. lemberg72 says:

    I traded in my 2007 Honda Element for a 2015 Honda Accord…..have regretted it ever since. Please bring back the Element!

  12. Allison says:

    I am looking forward to the new Element. I love the floor–that flooring option should be available in the pilot too. why put carpet somewhere where people spill and track in dirt…I have a 2007 Honda Pilot EX-L that i love and will keep it until it is completely dead, but i would really like a new Element.

  13. Virginia says:

    I am a proud owner of 2007 element SC. I love my box.

  14. Jeff says:

    We love this car and will the first in line to buy it when it is reintroduced. We live in Hawaii and it is the perfect vehicle for the beach life! PLEASE start selling them again!!!

  15. Mariko Kawauchi says:

    I hope this is not just a rumor. I am ready to replace my 03 Element but I am holding off for the 2019 model bc there is nothing else quite this SUV!

  16. Willie Comerford says:

    We just traded our Element in. We would have traded it for another Element if it were available. We would LOVE to see Honda bring back the Element.

  17. debbie garling says:

    My first Element was the first year they were made, 2003. My second one is the last year they were made, a 2011 model.They to be brought back so that when my second one dies a slow death, say in 2025 or so, I’ll have a third one to get. I actually used to make fun of them until I drove my brother’s 2005 Element. I was sold the first time I drove it and haven’t looked at another make or model. They’re great!!

  18. Patrick says:

    I bought mine brand new in 2003 and have 253k+ miles on it now. There is nothing else like and I would buy a new one in heartbeat if it were reintroduced. If this care could talk, oh the stories it would tell…

  19. sam payson says:

    This is most likely more garbage and not a real story that the element is coming back, I have an 03 and it runs like a top, I will never buy another Honda until they actually bring the Element back.

  20. Daniel Clifford says:

    A car ahead of its time – so great they are bringing it back. My favorite car of all time!!

  21. Donna Buff says:

    I have also been holding out for a Honda Element. I purchased an 05 for my daughter and I am in love. I bet her to let me drive it and take it on trips but she says no. I love everything about it and being a realtor I love the space. Please get this out soon. It’s almost 2019 and even the Honda dealer in Alabama are clueless. Didn’t even know they were bringing them back. So how can the Honda dealers not even know about the Element remake.0

  22. Sure Joseph says:

    MY dad has always wanted one and was so sad when it left. Please make a new ONE!

  23. Laura Mills says:

    I cannot wait! Holding on the my 2008 Element and will pass it on to my grandson for this new baby!! Beyond excited!!

  24. Isabelle Slifer says:

    I have a 2003 Element E that enjoys taking us to Cape Cod and back. As we repair out cottage, we sleep in our Element as the seat comfortably transfer to a 2 person bed, Keep the manual and keep the interior the same

    Looking forward to looking at the 2019 Element rebirth. My 2008 Honda Civic is our round the town vehicle.

  25. Michelle says:

    God I miss Ellie my 04 element so much! Had her for 10yrs. She had 263k in Nov ‘18 when I hit some black ice and that was the end.. I now have Camille who is an 03 CRV and she’s a good runner. But I’m still grieving Ellie.. I still find myself reaching for the suicide doors! not grieving the gas mileage tho. The toaster body didn’t help with that. I’ve been reading rumors for the past 3 years that Honda is bringing the element back and it hasn’t happened yet..

  26. Susan M MAJEWSKI says:

    According to my friend at Honda, there are no plans to bring back the Element.
    I have am 2009 Element LX and I love It! 140,000 miles
    I’d like to buy anothernew one if Honda wakes up and smells the money!

  27. Mike whalen says:

    I have a 2003 Element – i drove it off the show room floor it’s the first new car I ever purchased – I love my element -keep it simple and affordable – I even bought one for my daughter – she loves it – once the detractors ride in mine they all change their mind and want one – you hardly see one on the resale market – it’s because the owners don’t want to turn them loose -i am holding out till the new one comes out – just upbgrade the creature comforts -it will be the next Volkswagen bug – please bring the element back –

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