2020 Audi Q4 Interior, Price, Hybrid, Release date

It is almost here! The latest addition to Audi’s lineup is Q4 compact crossover. It number reveals the SUV is going to take the position between Q3 and Q5. Also, the 2020 Audi Q4 lost all its disguise and now we can see how it looks. Well, it confirmed rumors speaking about the new design language and unique details. The crossover could have appeared already, but Audi had to claim rights to the “Q4” name. Fiat was the previous owner. Now, the German carmaker completed the Q-class with crossovers 1-9. Well, at least with names. Audi already holds rights for SQ4, so we can expect to see the performance version of the new crossover.

Well, the 2020 Audi Q4 will be slotted between Q3 and Q5, but the smaller crossover’s design underpins its design. We can call it a coupe version of the Q3. Well, the roofline design will cut some interior room for passengers at rear seats. Spy photos are unveiling the crossover is not changing too much. At its first appearance, heavy camo was on the model, while the latest prototypes are completely unveiled. Still, we can see some unfinished details.

2020 Audi Q4 front view

2020 Audi Q4 Release Date

Now, when the German carmaker wins the legal battle and rights to its name, we can speak of the release date of the 2020 Audi Q4. It will happen later this season, and the sales will start next year. Experts believe the German company will present its latest crossover in its homeland. Frankfurt auto show is one of the largest happenings in Europe and the perfect place for the premiere. If this doesn’t happen, then Geneva Motor Show 2020 could host the debut of Audi Q4, and the sales could hit a delay for 2021 season.


The only clue about the price we have is the position of the crossover. As its place is between Q3 and Q5, the price will do the same. So, expect to see the 2020 Audi Q4 between $33,000 and $43,000. We say the new crossover will cost closer to its bigger sibling, rather than smaller. 

2020 Audi Q4 rear view

2020 Audi Q4 Drivetrains

There will be differences between 2020 Audi Q4 in the USA and the rest of the world. All markets will get a petrol unit. For the United States it should be a 2.0-l turbocharged four-cylinder unit with 200 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission is its pair. The MQB platform promises excellent handling. Nevertheless, Audi will offer few drive modes. Front-wheel drive is going to be part of the standard offer. Of course, the 2020 Audi Q4 Quattro will be an AWD option. The crossover also offers 210 pound-feet of torque and experts believe the vehicle will run to 60 mph in 8 seconds.

European offer includes the less powerful 1.5-liter engine. It will have a few tunings and multiple power outputs. Also, non-US models will come with diesel units. We are not sure yet which drivetrains Audi is going to add for its Q4 coupe crossover.

Hybrid and SQ4

The new 2020 Audi Q4 will also offer a plug-in hybrid engine. It will be a 2.5-liter unit with an electric range of 30-35 miles. The same drivetrain will serve as the base for the performance-oriented 2020 Audi SQ4. Well, instead of electric batteries, a five-cylinder engine will get a turbocharger. Total output will be over 400 horsepower. Finally, the RS Q4 mode is yet to be confirmed. This one is the lighter variant, but it will still be able to burst high-output numbers from its engine.

2020 Audi Q4 spy shots

What Will 2020 Audi Q4 Look Like? 

With covers dropped down, we can clearly see what to expect from 2020 Audi Q4. The crossover will be heavily linked to its stablemate Q3. Well, it is a coupe version of it. Angular roof and narrowed tail are major differences, while the front fascia is pretty much the same. The premium crossover is using LED lights. Standard offer includes 18-inch wheels and upper trims will add 19- or even 20-inchers.


If there are differences outside, inside the 2020 Audi Q4 will be almost the same as the Q3. That means dashboard and seats are equal. However, the Q4 will offer fewer headroom thanks to the new design of the roofline. Sunroof is there, as well as a leather steering wheel. A 9-inch touchscreen display is the center of the control panel, while navigation comes standard. Also, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included. Furthermore, the 2020 Audi Q4 is offering the latest safety systems and measures. From optional offer, we expect genuine leather and premium audio system (Bose). More gesture and voice controls will be there. The new crossover will offer almost 50 cubic feet of storage room.

2020 Audi Q4 interior

Build options will include Premium and Premium Plus trim levels. Further, buyers of the Q4 coupe-crossover will choose between the front-wheel drive and Quattro system. The company might add Sport package as an additional option. Hybrid and SQ4 models will offer even more features and equipment. 

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