2020 Ferrari SUV Will Be the World’s Fastest SUV

Things in the automotive industry went that far that even the carmakers that were specialized for exotic sports cars are now forced to produce crossovers in order to remain profitable. Lamborghini came with the new Urus, Bently Bentayga has been around for years, while Maserati gets most of its incomes from the Levante and another model is on its way. It’s Ferrari’s turn now. The famous manufacturer is also developing a vehicle of this type and the latest reports are suggesting that the production version could come already in the next year. Some reports suggest it will be called Purosangue. However, we still don’t an official confirmation, so we will simply call it 2020 Ferrari SUV, for now.

The company keeps most details as secret, but some design characteristics seem pretty obvious already. Still, keep the following paragraphs with reserve, since this article is based mostly on speculations.

2020 Ferrari SUV front

2020 Ferrari SUV Redesign

A lot of interesting things are about to come with the 2020 Ferrari SUV. Not only that it will be the first crossover from this company, but also the first-ever Ferrari with five doors. Therefore, we may presume that’s the main reason why this development lasts for such a long time. While Lamborghini and Bentley already had completely ready platforms from VW, Ferrari has to build everything from scratch. Still, we don’t have any doubt that Italian designers will do an amazing job with this crossover.

As you may presume, the main goal is to produce the fastest crossover in the world. This title is currently held by the Urus, but Ferrari has a couple of trumps ready. One of the first things that come to mind is that the 2020 Ferrari SUV will be smaller, most likely compact in size. Also, the brand-new platform should be significantly lighter than the MLB architecture. All these things should have a deciding impact on the overall performances.

2020 Ferrari SUV Styling

Aesthetics will also play a significant role in the new 2020 Ferrari SUV. At this point, we can’t tell too many. As we already mentioned, this crossover is expected to be a little bit smaller than the Urus. In terms of the styling, we presume it will take a lot of inspiration from the GTC4Lusso. This particularly refers to the front end, which should be pretty similar. On the other side, the rest of the body will come in a crossover layout. The rear end should come in a typical coupe-crossover layout, similar to models like BMW X6, Audi Q8 etc. Still, don’t expect to see too high ground clearance, while the overall profile will be very sleek. All in all, Ferrari will once again put the focus on aerodynamics, despite the five-door crossover layout.


Given the smaller size, we don’t expect to see too spacious from the inside. The second row definitely won’t be too generous in terms of the legroom, while the cargo area should be modest as well. Some reports even suggest two separated seats in the second row as a standard feature, instead of typical bench design. When it comes to the dashboard design and the overall layout, we still don’t know details, but we may presume that, besides lots of novelties, many design solutions will be borrowed from models in the current lineup.

2020 Ferrari SUV Engine

Of course, this is one of the most interesting things about the 2020 Ferrari SUV. At this point, any details are unavailable. Still, we could make some predictions. Most likely, the initial version will come with a conventional internal-combustion engine. There are several candidates, though the large 6.3-liter V12 seems most likely. This engine is good for impressive 680 horsepower, which should be more than enough to make this model the fastest SUV on the market, with 0-60 time in less than 3.5 seconds.

2020 Ferrari SUV

Also, we expect to see some form of electrification in the future. Whether is it going to be a hybrid or all-electric version, it’s hard to tell at the moment.

Release Date and Price

According to some reports, the new 2020 Ferrari SUV could arrive already in the next year. On the other side, some experts claim the new model won’t be ready for another couple of years. All in all, we won’t know much things before we hear something from the officials. When it comes to the price, some reports suggest that base versions could go around 300.000 dollars.

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