Aston Martin DBX concept

The new product of Aston Martin company is hard to ignore. With a long-term career in the world of business, this unique brand is number one for class, style, and quality. Nevertheless, a new idea of Aston Martin DBX concept will give nothing more than indulge to new clients and fans. The long-expected redesigned feature will come to final exhibit starting in 2019 where can enjoy the full show. We are waiting to see on which way design is intense and rebuild. Some critics say that this model will be a way of affordable, but after the final show, it will be ready to compete Bentley’s crossover Bentayga.

Aston Martin DBX concept

Aston Martin DBX concept design

The new product of Aston Martin will be similar dimensions with nice decorations and protection. This crossover will be two-door four seats with roughly sports appearance and great wheels. Wheels are going to be over 21-inches high along with shorter bumpers. LED headlights are in main plan although the lighting system is included in the overall concept. Shell of Aston Martin DBX concept is different and lighter than previous since the combined materials are steel and aluminum. The upper edge of the grille is creating a shark nose which will bring aggressive appearance. Interior is compact with high-class features and technical improvements.

Aston Martin DBX concept steering wheel

Aston Martin DBX concept engine

Engineers are making a blast in technology. Having a new Aston Martin DBX concept as sports GT car, it is more obvious with the new powertrain. DBX version with all-wheel drive will be available with individual electric motors which will give the energy of each wheel. The unique concept of the engine will contain drive-by-wire steering with carbon ceramic brakes. Having significant success with the V-12 engine which delivers base 590 hp we can conclude that more efficient performance is guaranteed. There is no wonder why American market is most desirable for this brand since the best selling virtue comes from this area.

Aston Martin DBX concept rear

Aston Martin DBX concept price

The new arrival will make a blast in the car industry. New Aston Martin DBX concept has very high performances and in pricing as well. Since the current model of this crossover estimates over $250,000 there is no wonder why calculating is enormous even now. The release date is not confirmed yet but it will take place in England in 2019 where we can be witnesses of the future car show.

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