2018 BMW X7

After years of waiting, we are finally about to see the 2018 BMW X7. Rumors and reports about this new model are present for more than a decade, but we didn’t see anything concrete so far. After years of testing and development, it looks like the new flagship crossover will finally come to the market. Although the Bavarian car maker is one of the key players in the segment of luxury cars, we have never seen a full-crossover. So, it is natural to have big expectations from the new 2018 X7. This will be the new flagship crossover that will compete with famous models like Mercedes GLS, Range Rover Long-Wheelbase, Audi Q8, Lincoln Navigator and many others. We expect its arrival somewhere next year.

2018 BMW X7 front view

2018 BMW X7 design and features

The 2018 BMW X7 will be a completely new model. This will be a new flagship crossover of the brand. So far, we know that the new model will ride on a modified, long-wheelbase version of the CLAR platform that company uses for the current X5 model. The new model will utilize all those exotic materials that will provide massive weight savings. So, expect use materials like HSS, aluminum, magnesium etc. In terms of styling, it is expected that the new 2018 BMW X7 will feature similar shape to the X5, just in bigger and more muscular package. There will be some new details, but do not expect anything radical. When it comes to the interior design, we believe that the new crossover will feature a cabin that will be close to the new 7 Series. So, expect stylish look and plenty of latest technologies.

2018 BMW X7 interior

2018 BMW X7 engines

The company will definitely offer a wide palette of the engines. We expect to see various units for the BMW in the offer. Most likely, the base model will come with familiar 3.0-liter inline-six, which will probably come with more power than usual. The same thing is expected with the familiar V8 unit. One of the expectations from the 2018 BMW X7 is a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which should feature even better performances than the V8 version. We also expect to see a hi-performance M version in the offer. This model should come with the familiar V12 engine, which comes as an M760 model. European models will also be available in diesel variants.

2018 BMW X7 rear view

2018 BMW X7 release date

The exact date of arrival is still unknown. However, it is pretty for sure that the 2018 BMW X7 will come next year.

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