2018 Buick Anthem

All fans of Buick crossovers will be happy to hear that new Anthem is on the way. Nevertheless, the redesign is going to introduce some new styling solutions. Of course, there are many additional and modern features, to boost overall impression of 2018 Buick Anthem. With this model, SUV class for the upcoming season for this carmaker is complete. We expect to see Enclave and Encore as a part of the future lineup. All these vehicles will be redesigned and released probably at the same time. Besides the look, changes are minor. This means we will see the same engine, and probably very similar price as for current model.

2018 Buick Anthem

2018 Buick Anthem drivetrain

A 2.5-l four-cylinder powertrain is big enough for 2018 Buick Anthem. It can produce 200 hp, and probably the same amount of pound-feet of torque. Then, energy goes through a 6-speed automatic transmission to front wheels. We still don’t know, but there is a high probability for the manual gearbox and AWD models. Other details, such as mileage, top speed, and acceleration to 60 mph are unknown.

2018 Buick Anthem interior

2018 Buick Anthem redesign

With redesign on the way, many changes will come inside and outside of 2018 Buick Anthem. Of course, many latest systems are going to be the part of the offer. Dimensions of SUV are the same. However, grille and headlights will present a new look of the front fascia. Also, hood and roofline are more aerodynamic with a sleek look. Aesthetic styling is both functional and elegant. Designers are not going with huge wheels, and Anthem carries 17-inch rims once again. Inside, the highlight is on infotainment system with a big touchscreen display. Safety is improved, as well as infotainment and audio systems. Finally, there is enough room at the back of the crossover for cargo.

2018 Buick Anthem top

2018 Buick Anthem release and price

A price tag of around $30,000 would be suitable for 2018 Buick Anthem. The company is trying to stay in touch with the competition since prices are similar for Kia Sorento. These models are very popular, and it will be interesting to see what buyers will pick since Korean manufacturer is coming into next season with the new model. Release dates will be close, and we could see these vehicles early in 2018.

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