2018 Mercedes GLB

The 2018 Mercedes GLB should be one of the latest additions to the company’s crossover lineup. This will be a completely new model from the famous German manufacturer. The company wants to expand its offer, and this model could be great for this purpose. If we consider the new naming policy of the brand, this new crossover will stand between GLA and GLC models. However, it will come in a pretty much different manner. We will see a different design in many aspects. This model will feature a little bit more SUV-ish appearance, taking some design cues from the legendary G Series. However, you should not expect too much from this model when it comes to the performances. It will ride on a modern unibody platform, so don’t expect a vehicle that can go through rough terrains. The 2018 GLB could even come by the end of the year.

2018 Mercedes GLB redesign

2018 Mercedes GLB front viewThe 2018 Mercedes GLB will be a completely new model from the German car maker. We will see a model that will formally stand between GLA and GLC models. However, it will come with different characteristics in many aspects. Compared to these two models that strictly hold the brand’s latest design language, new 2018 Mercedes GLB will come with plenty of unique details. According to the latest reports, it will borrow many styling cues from the legendary G-Wagen. So, you should expect rugged, boxy shape that will surely attract a good number of potential customers. However, this new model will ride on a modern crossover unibody platform. So, do not expect some flawless off-road performances. This will simply be a crossover with plenty of modern technologies combined with a classic SUV appearance.

2018 Mercedes GLB interior2018 Mercedes GLB engines

The 2018 Mercedes GLB will rely on the company’s proven units. There are famous 2.0-liter gasoline and 2.2-liter diesel units in the offer, which are available in many variants, with output range between 150 and 250 horses. Also, we could see a hi-performance AMG version, which will, besides the more powerful engine, also come with many other modifications. When it comes to the transmission, North American model will probably come just with an automatic gearbox in the offer. On the other side, Europeans will have a choice between manual and automatic transmission.

2018 Mercedes GLB rear view2018 Mercedes GLB release date

Although many believe that the 2018 Mercedes GLB could come already by the end of the year, the new model will more likely come somewhere in 2018.

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