2018 Subaru Tribeca

Discontinuation of Tribeca crossover doesn’t mean it is for good. Back at the beginning, this SUV was very popular. Nevertheless, its fame started to fade pretty quickly. After poor selling records in 2011 and 2012, bosses decide to quit this model. It is happening in 2014. Since then, attention is on other mid-size crossovers, such as Exiga. Nevertheless, now it is time for a new 2018 Subaru Tribeca to revive its popularity. Although fans are happy to hear that, we will take this rumor with reserve. Since big changes are coming, the delay is possible.

2018 Subaru Tribeca

2018 Subaru Tribeca engine

We still don’t know officially what to expect from 2018 Subaru Tribeca. One thing is sure, the old 3.6-l V-6 drivetrain is not coming back. Engineers are going for a fresh start with new units. In last three years, many things changed. So, this crossover could get energy from a 2.0-l 4-cylinder drivetrain. However, the turbocharger is a helpful tool for better output. Estimations are around 250 horses, and up to 300 hp. Enthusiasts believe this unit will be able to deliver 300 lb-ft of torque through a CVT gearbox. Finally, another thing is pretty certain. We will see Tribeca only in all-wheel-drive mode.

2018 Subaru Tribeca side

2018 Subaru Tribeca changes

To be competitive again, not only engineers are putting an extra effort. Designers are very busy with a new look. However, spy shots are not unveiling too much due to heavy camo on the crossover. Fans got enough, and it is confirmation that new SUV is on the way. Interior is intriguing as the exterior. There is no clear information about it. But, experts are together in the opinion that radical changes are an obligation if 2018 Subaru Tribeca thinks to have success. One of the most interesting additions could be a hybrid drivetrain. Nevertheless, at this moment, this is just a rumor.

2018 Subaru Tribeca front

2018 Subaru Tribeca arrival

Another chance for 2018 Subaru Tribeca could mean Japanese carmaker is preparing something special. We can already see test vehicles, but there are no official confirmations. The crossover could be late, but it is surely coming somewhere in 2018. Subaru doesn’t want to leave rivals advantage and delay in release is definitely now wise.

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