2018 VW Polo SUV

The biggest German car maker is going to release a completely new model, which will come as 2018 VW Polo SUV. This will be the latest addition to the long list of company’s models. There are many reports about the new crossover that company prepares. Simply, the expansion of the crossover lineup is a priority for this manufacturer. This will probably be the new entry-level crossover. It will be subcompact in size and it will come heavily based on legendary Polo, sharing mechanical, visual and other parts. Although we didn’t get official information, it is pretty much for sure that the new model is in the late stage of development. Some reports suggest that the 2018 Polo SUV will come most likely early in the next year.

2018 VW Polo SUV design and features

2018 VW Polo SUV front view

The 2018 VW Polo SUV will be a completely new model. It will be a new entry-level crossover. So far, we know that the new model will ride on a familiar MQB platform. More precisely, it will ride on the Polo’s version of this platform. Moreover, these two models will have so much in common. It is pretty much for sure that the new model will feature exterior and interior design pretty much inspired by the legendary subcompact hatchback. We will see a styling that will also take some details from a bigger Tiguan. When it comes to the interior, we are pretty sure that the cabin of 2018 VW Polo SUV will be pretty much the same as on new Polo. We will see a familiar dashboard with familiar technologies but also expect a little bit more room.

2018 VW Polo SUV side view

2018 VW Polo SUV engines

When it comes to the powertrain, latest reports suggest that the new 2018 VW Polo SUV will come both in diesel and gasoline variants. The base model will most likely feature a 1.0-liter gasoline engine, which has a max output of 110 horses. When it comes to the diesel unit, we will see a familiar 1.5-liter unit. It has a max output around 90 horsepower. In both cases, we expect to see both manual and automatic gearbox in the offer.

2018 VW Polo SUV rear view

2018 VW Polo SUV release date

As we already mentioned, new 2018 VW Polo SUV will most likely come early next year.

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