2019 BMW X7

The relation between Audi and BMW is like a Cold War. But, there are no advanced nuclear weapons or war crisis. Innovations are pointed to the development of new crossovers. The 2019 BMW X7 is a response to the new biggest Audi’s SUV, Q9. Unlike to the mentioned Cold War, people can benefit from this battle. New models are always welcome, and this time, two companies are making bigger vehicles than they have on their offer. The X7 will take a position above X6. Surely, these two brothers will share a platform and many parts. In future, we will see the independent development of the BMW X7.

2019 BMW X7

2019 BMW X7 engine

The major question is – what will be the powertrain of the 2019 BMW X7? There is no official statement on this. Some rumors are mentioning even a V-12 engine. This will be quite of surprise, but still a possibility. However, this could be an optional drivetrain for some high-end model. The standard offer will definitely include a V-6 unit. While the V-12 is still far-fetched, we can almost be sure that upper trims will offer one. Finally, in Frankfurt, where the X7 concept had its debut, we could hear about the plug-in hybrid version of this SUV.

2019 BMW X7 interior

2019 BMW X7 styling

The 2019 BMW X7 has been on streets for a while. The company is testing its new biggest crossover but still manages to hide most of its body. So far, we could spot headlights which could be production-ready. Other parts will be similar to what we saw in Frankfurt. LED lamps and huge kidney grille are making a statement. Full-width taillights are eye-catching detail on the rear end. Inside, we will find the advanced hi-tech features. Nevertheless, BMW keeps its simple design language, but with modern infotainment screen and rear-seat entertaining system.

2019 BMW X7 spied

2019 BMW X7 release date and price

Placed above the BMW X6, the new SUV will come with a higher starting price. That is the only fact about the cost. We still don’t know what we will find inside the cabin since the new iDrive is an option. Only this feature can make a significant difference in price. We will know more as 2018 pass. During this year, we will partially get info about the 2019 BMW X7. If we must guess when the crossover will debut, the answer would be – the same place as its concept was shown, during next auto show in Frankfurt.

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