2019 Chrysler Aspen

New 2019 Chrysler Aspen is a full-size crossover based on the American market. Fist line of predecessor was launching in 2018 with no further details from the company. The new model will start new series of Chrysler vehicles by the name Aspen. This SUV is similar to Durango with more fine features and class. Heavy details make this machine masculine and sporty. Having all that in mind, appearance itself is far better than before. Stronger performance is secure and we can expect final details about releasing by the end of the next year.

2019 Chrysler Aspen

2019 Chrysler Aspen redesign

New 2019 Chrysler Aspen is redesigned technological vehicle. Dimensions are very similar to the predecessor and inner space has more room than before. There will be several new updates and most useful is wi-fi connection spots and upgraded infotainment system. The new dashboard will include new LCD screen with new programs with navigation and safety measures. Backlights will have different positions and grille will keep the current form. Black glass is more than applied to entire concept and the sliding roof has also glass details on it. Tires are counting more than 16-inches for the base model.

2019 Chrysler Aspen interior

2019 Chrysler Aspen engine

Combining with the previous model, new 2019 Chrysler Aspen will have several engine solutions. The old V-8 engine is replaced by a 3.2-liter V-6 motor with 270-hp. Another and most likely is new Pentastar powertrain with 360-hp and 280lb-ft of torque. This unique specter of powertrain will go with a 5-speed automated transmission with significant fuel reduce. Both of selected engines are environment-friendly and it all has many diverse concepts of the motor which will gain more power of towing and in heavy terrains. Byers will be free to choose one of two offered options.

2019 Chrysler Aspen rear

2019 Chrysler Aspen price

We can not claim any price details yet. By the end of the current year, we can assume the final launching day and promotional part. However, comparing with predecessor and rivals, we can predict that price for base models will go from $36,000 with starting pack. Finally, more upgraded trims and possibilities we can expect that price is going higher for several thousand difference.

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