2019 DS7 Crossback

Crossback is the premium crossover. Its manufacturer, French company DS launched it in February 2017. Soon after that, the carmaker announced a plan to build a hybrid and EV crossover. This is a radical move by the French company. However, it will make us eager to see what else 2019 DS7 Crossback could bring. From what we know, besides stories about engines, the SUV will get luxurious interior. It will share the platform with Peugeot and Citroen crossovers. Finally, the appearance in the US market will show DS if it is capable to meet demands of the specific buyers from North America.

2019 DS7 Crossback front

2019 DS7 Crossback engine

Under the bonnet of the base 2019 DS7 Crossback will lay a diesel engine. There are two options for the crossover. If engineers decide to go with the more economical unit, it will be a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder. The other one is also 4-banger, but with 2.0-liter displacement. There are rumors telling that 2019 Crossback could also offer gasoline powertrain. This would be a 1.6-liter turbo-four drivetrain. With 200 horsepower output, it will be ready to compete with other compact SUVs in luxury segment.

2019 DS7 Crossback interior

2019 DS7 Crossback hybrid and EV

The last engine we mentioned will come as a part of a hybrid drivetrain. It will pair electric batteries for a plug-in model, ready to develop 300 hp. Electric motors will be on each wheel, which means the 2019 DS7 Crossback Hybrid will us AWD. Transmission for this version is an 8-speed auto. Using only a 13 kW battery, the 2019 Crossback will be able to reach 40 miles. Charging needs 4 hours, with the quick-charge system on the way. This service will reduce the time to 2 hours. Upcoming crossover is also going to offer autonomous drive and plenty of safety systems.

2019 DS7 Crossback rear

2019 DS7 Crossback price

The 2019 DS7 Crossback will cost at least $35,000 in the US. In Europe, its price is 30,000 euro. While the company gave us details about the performance, other features are not confirmed yet. The final cost will depend on equipment, so we take these prices with reserve. Crossback will definitely have something to show, and rivals are on alert. We will see responses from Toyota, Ford, and Honda, companies that also prepare hybrid vehicles for 2019.

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