2019 Ford Escape Hybrid

Ford is electrifying its complete lineup. By 2023, over 20 vehicles will get their hybrid versions. Furthermore, the company will also launch few all-electric cars in all segments. The 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid is confirmed. This is going to be the return of the plug-in model for this crossover. It is in the third generation. Both previous editions had a hybrid version. For the first time, Escape came with the plug-in engine in 2004. Now, this SUV is not alone, since it comes together with Ford Expedition hybrid next year. Two models will share a lot in common, obviously.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid spied

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid spied

The 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid is already on streets. Well, the production model is still far away from a debut. All we can see is a test mule. However, it tells enough about efforts of the Ford to make a special crossover. Facelift of this model will refresh the standard SUV. Heavy camo is hiding most of the vehicle, so it is hardtop predict details about the styling.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid dashboard

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid engine

While we have a clue about the look of the 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid, the drivetrain is still a total mystery. Nevertheless, the most important detail is the official announcement of this model. In its first generation, hybrid drivetrain delivered 155 hp. In the second generation, electric motor added 22 hp to the petrol unit. Now, a similar result is expected. That means 2019 Escape Hybrid will be able to deliver around 190 horses in pair with the base 2.5-liter unit. However, engineers could opt for smaller displacements, either 2.0-liter or 1.5-liter engines.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid engine

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid release date and the verdict

Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future of the auto industry. Ford, as one of the leaders, will follow trends and launch model by model. By 2030, the Blue Oval company will electrify its entire fleet. However, the 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid will appear late in 2018 or early next year. Since it is coming with Ford Expedition, two models will probably share electric motor and drive system for the hybrid drivetrain. With this crossover, Ford will have a competitor in the compact class. There, Honda and Toyota are already present with CR-V and Rav4.

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