2019 Ford Expedition

The current version of the Expedition full-size crossover suffered a reconstruction. The heavy redesign brought us a new SUV. So, there is no need for major updates for 2019 Ford Expedition. However, the company will launch it refreshed and slightly tuned. With it, all complaints about current version will be fixed. The 2019 Expedition will keep the same engine under the hood. Also, visually, the SUV is pretty much the same as its predecessor. Update of the interior is certain, with all the latest features and system coming for a new Expedition.

2019 Ford Expedition front

2019 Ford Expedition accessories

The 2019 Ford Expedition will be a modern crossover, ready to respond to all driver’s needs. It is cozy, safe, and reliable. Inside, the full-size vehicle will offer a plenty of comfort for up to eight passengers. All three rows of seats are generous with room for legs and head. Furthermore, the 2019 Expedition saves enough space for cargo. From standard features, we will find many knobs and buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard. Climate and audio volume controls are just a couple of many commands available. Power folding rear seats will come again on the base trim. Upper models come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.

2019 Ford Expedition interior

2019 Ford Expedition engine

The powertrain of the 2019 Ford Expedition is reliable 3.5-liter V-6 turbo unit. It returns 375 horses on most trims, and even 400 hp for the top of the class Platinum model. Torque is at 470 lb-ft and 480 lb-ft for the top of the line vehicle. The engine is distributing power through a 10-speed automatic transmission. Available drives are 4×2 and 4X4. Depending on configuration, Expedition comes with 20 mpg combined, or down to 18 mpg with some trim levels. On some terrains, special features can maximize traction. The cost is not so friendly fuel economy.

2019 Ford Expedition

2019 Ford Expedition price

Entry-level crossover with the 2-wheel drive will cost from $53,000. This is already pretty high. But, other models are even more expensive. Top-notch features and systems are coming with Limited and Platinum models. The first one will cost at least $65k, while the Platinum will exceed $80,000 mark. Chevy Tahoe is its main rival, while the top trim will see the major competitor in Denali version of GMC Yukon.

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