2019 Ford Kuga

New models of Ford comp will be more likely to be in charge of European marketplace, especially new series. New 2019 Ford Kuga is surely the greatest surprise for the new season. Especially since there is a significant structural change. The concept is new and it has to gain emphasis already. Kuga will be truck like no other and it contains many luxurious moments, especially in infotainment system. Some features will likely stay the same as it is the perfect rival on every field. We are hoping to gain more data from times to come, and it sure is more than exciting.

2019 Ford Kuga front

2019 Ford Kuga redesign

New 2019 Ford Kuga is going to fresher with new updates in design. As we know, for now, some similarities will exist as we can see on the current model. Dimensions are still the same, even though shell uses different materials. It is lighter and protected with a carbon layer. The massive front end is present with gridded chromatic grille and large LED front lights. The rear end is rounded with curvy lines an decorated backlights. The bumper is protected by a metallic shield which gives the overall concept elegant look. Interior is spacious with enough room between the seats inside. Also, new infotainment system provides quality safety measures such as navigation, maps, and broadcast.

2019 Ford Kuga side

2019 Ford Kuga engine

New 2019 Ford Kuga will have a special engine under the hood, which is among most high-cost savers among truck. With significant towing capacity and fuel reduction, the new engine will have two possible solutions. The first combo will be 1.5-liter turbo-compressor, and the second is 2.0-liter diesel powertrain. Both combos showed strong fuel consumption with also nice driving features. Some rumors say that we could expect the third version of the drivetrain with 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine with great fuel economy.

2019 Ford Kuga engine

2019 Ford Kuga price

The latest version of 2019 Ford Kuga is prestigious so we can expect many surprises. The time and place for revealing are familiar at the moment, but maybe will be some changes. The manufacturer announced that at beginning of the current year in Germany, new Kuga will hit dealerships. With the price of only $22,000 for the base model is more attractive for a lower price for this type of truck. More features and updated model will certainly cost more.

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