2019 Ford Territory

A new arrival in Ford company is definitely 2019 Ford Territory with all new specs needed. New and modern SUV is supposed to make a new device on all sorts of markets. Sporty and attractive to buyers, this model is once again in the center of the machine. The main surprises are definitely many upgrades of performance and the sporty design. With new facial concept and infotainment system, surely will be the choice No.1 for all current and future clients.

2019 Ford Territory spy shot

2019 Ford Territory redesign

New 2019 Ford Territory is going to have a different design from the current model. Many of designers were enthusiastic and had developed sportily but yet with classical features. Attractive design will lead to amazing interests among younger audience and overall better sell. Shell of this SUV is lighter and made of protective materials which are making good progress in the market lately. The combo of graphite and aluminum gives them stamina and shine. LED technology is present in overall concept which is highly desirable in all aspects. Interior is spacious and modern with lots of coziness needed. Finally, black glass and sliding roof will be one of the fun facts.

2019 Ford Territory Concept

2019 Ford Territory engine performance

New impression for 2019 Ford Territory is coming with two engine versions. The main result is to make Ecoboost produce over 450 lb-ft of torque and 470 horsepower. Another choice is diesel 2.7-liter with 295 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. The two engines will use an 8-speed gearbox. Furthermore, the alternative is a new 10-pace transmission for two- and four-wheel drive. Both engine versions will have significant fuel reduce which makes enough room for two fuel option, even for a hybrid combo. This data is not official yet since we are waiting for a confirmation by the company.

2019 Ford Territory engine

2019 Ford Territory release date and price

The 2019 Ford Territory should come out within the opening quarter of the next year, alongside the new Kuga. Starting with the new year we can expect an intro presentation for USA market. Pricing will go by estimations for now. Some rumors are telling us about base pricing of around $48,000. Well, some rumors say that even upgraded models will have a higher price.

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