2019 Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Philippines, USA, Limited

Better known as Pajero, the current generation of the famous off-roader has been around for a too long, so latest reports suggest that new model could come next year, as 2019 Mitsubishi Montero.

The famous SUV originally came more than 35 years ago, in 1982. During all these years, we have seen four generations of it. This model has always been considered as one of the best models in the segment, but the problem with the current model is age. The fourth generation is present for a full 13 years, since 2006. This is a very long period for the modern car industry, too long even for a rugged off-road vehicle like this.

Most of the competitors and much younger, with more attractive styling, better efficiency, better off-road capabilities etc. Considering all this, it is clear why all Mitsubishi lovers are desperate to see completely new 2019 Montero.

2019 Mitsubishi Montero

2019 Mitsubishi Montero redesign

It looks like the Japanese manufacturer is cooking something. Mitsubishi recently became a part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which will bring plenty of new possibilities. According to several reliable sources, the new alliance is considering a joint development of two legendary SUVs, Montero/Pajero and Nissan Patrol. Former rivals will probably use the same platform and plenty of mechanical parts. These two will together compete with Land Cruiser and North American full-size SUVs.

If this happens, the new 2019 Mitsubishi Montero will continue as a real off-roader, with traditional body-on-frame construction. Besides new platform, the new model will get a significantly improved styling. We expect to finally see the application of the Mitsubishi’s new design language, presented with the GC-PHEV concept five years ago.

2019 Mitsubishi Montero could become a crossover

Although a Patrol-based Montero sounds like a more realistic option, several reports suggest new generation could come with completely different design characteristics. There is a chance to see 2019 Mitsubishi Montero based on a unibody platform. It this case, the new model will probably become a mid-size crossover. In this case, it will probably use Nissan’s famous D platform, which is in use for models like Nissan Murano.

2019 Mitsubishi Montero front view

Such an approach will bring far more attractive look, with much better aerodynamics. A Unibody platform will provide much higher, car-like level of comfort. However, such refinement means a big compromise in terms of capabilities. When it comes to off-road drive, this version wouldn’t be comparable with the current Montero at all. This platform will also bring interesting solutions under the hood.

2019 Mitsubishi Montero engines

Depending on the 2019 Mitsubishi Montero’s way, we will see different engines under the hood of a new model. If the new model continues with a classic body-on-frame platform, we will probably see this SUV with V8 engine, for the first time in model’s history. So far, this model has been relying on V6 engines. The new model would probably feature Nissan’s familiar 5.6-liter V8 engine, which delivers around 400 horses. However, this would be an optional engine, while a 4.0-liter V6 with 275 horses would be the base choice.

On the other side, this model would be much lighter in a form of crossover, which automatically means smaller engines. In this case, options are numerous. The 2019 Mitsubishi Montero would in this case feature several engines in the offer, both diesel, and petrol, from both Mitsubishi and Nissan. Finally, this opens the space for a hybrid powertrain, which Mitsubishi already offers in some of its models.

2019 Mitsubishi Montero interior

2019 Mitsubishi Montero release date

It is still early to say something more precise, but several reports suggest the arrival of the new model already in the next year.

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