2019 Skoda Polar

The new 2019 Skoda Polar is going to take a position between Yeti and Karoq. With it, the compact lineup of Czech manufacturer is complete. This small SUV is fuel-friendly. Also, it is stylish and innovative. On the other hand, this is not a true off-road vehicle. The crossover is a better performer in urban areas and on the highway. But, its price is another advantage that will turn buyers’ interest to Polar. Another plus is a refresh of the engine lineup. For 2019 edition, the crossover is going to offer a petrol unit, not only diesel.

2019 Skoda Polar rear

2019 Skoda Polar styling

Most vehicles in VW group are using MQB platform. This concept is a base for 2019 Skoda Polar. Nevertheless, the new model is going to be slightly longer than before. However, this is not going to result in worse maneuverability or handling. On the other hand, few centimeters will be added to the trunk area. Inside, Polar is a comfortable and elegant vehicle. It lacks luxurious equipment, as we can see on its price. All features are functional at the first place. Then come elegance and design. All in all, it is not an ugly SUV. Contrary, the crossover is offering very secure interior with many safety systems and equipment.

2019 Skoda Polar concept

2019 Skoda Polar specs

There will be both diesel and petrol variants of the 2019 Skoda Polar. So far, we had only 1.0-l and 1.5-l diesel drivetrains. Now, the new season is bringing a gasoline powertrain. Fans have a wish to see a hybrid, but it is not likely to happen from this carmaker anytime soon. But, we can’t exclude it, since its partner Volkswagen is in final stages of developing new plug-in vehicles. Nevertheless, the Polar SUV is using 6-speed automatic transmission. This box routes power to front wheels. Other options, such as manual transmission and AWD are still unknown.

2019 Skoda Polar interior

2019 Skoda Polar price

As we already mentioned, the price of 2019 Skoda Polar is going to make difference for some buyers. With the cost of 17,000 euro, this crossover is one of the most attractive compact SUVs in the market. Finally, the Skoda is growing every day and every new model is going to cost more and more.

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