2020 Ford Bronco

It’s been a while since we’ve heard for the first time about 2020 Ford Bronco. This crossover is among the most popular vehicles from US carmaker. The legendary SUV had few bad years on the market, and Ford decided to make a pause in production. Now, for the 2020 year edition, we can expect a spectacular comeback. New engines, new design, new functions and features. Nevertheless, it will keep its soul and a well-known boxy look. It is not easy to meet all needs from buyers, and expectations from upcoming Bronco are big. However, if there is any carmaker which can guarantee quality and performance, it is Ford.

2020 Ford Bronco


2020 Ford Bronco drivetrain

The off-road fun needs a good engine. That is why engineers are under pressure to meet demands. The 2020 Ford Bronco can’t fail, and we are sure that something special is coming for this model. Also, it could be big, in every meaning. First of all, big as spectacular and never seen. Otherwise, big as huge displacement, with massive output. It is still impossible to predict anything else about powertrain. However, there are rumors telling about hybrid, and we can’t exclude these possibilities as well.

2020 Ford Bronco drivetrain

2020 Ford Bronco redesign

Big changes are coming in the design of 2020 Ford Bronco. The crossover will definitely keep its trademark – boxy appearance. Nevertheless, we know Bronco as a 2-door off-road SUV. Now, according to some sketches, the vehicle could come in the four-door variant. Also, by modernizing its look, crossover’s appearance is going to be urbaner. Nevertheless, there are huge wheels. This means the best from Bronco will come off the road and in heavy weather conditions. The cabin is going to get few variants. But, none is still carved in stone as a base, since there is a lot of work ahead of designers.

2020 Ford Bronco rear

2020 Ford Bronco arrival

We can confirm that 2020 Ford Bronco is almost certain. There is no official note about it, but leaking sources are there to inform fans about development. Nevertheless, the crossover is not coming next two years. Since designers and engineers have a lot of work, everything is still unpredictable. However, the plan is to come into 2020 with SUV in salons, shortly after new Ford Escape.

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